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written by Terence McKillen - Mar 9, 2015

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We welcome you to enjoy our website and if you wish to provide feedback, please contact us at info@torontotriumph.com

Update Member Profile
written by Terence McKillen - Feb 1, 2013

Please take the time to log-on to the 'Member's Only' section (right hand tab) and ensure that your contact details, especially e-mail, are up to date. A change in e-mail address is the most common reason why we may no longer be able to contact you! Please note that sometimes mass emails can be redirected to your spam folder. Make sure you allow your e-mail application (such as Outlook) to receive email from torontotriumph.com.

Regalia Store
written by David Fidler

Lots of fine TTC merchandize is available at our Club Store, just click on the link over on the right hand side. We're adding to the selection on a regular basis, please let us know if there's something in particular you'd like to see?

Many thanks to our Regalia Officer, Dion Widrich, for working so hard to set up this programme and for doing a lot of the original artwork.



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written by Terence McKillen

Update from Toronto Triumph Club regarding the Covid19 Pandemic


We are facing an unprecedented situation with the rapid spread of the Coronavirus during this pandemic.  We all know the current stats, the constantly evolving list of closures and restrictions and the worries we all have regarding keeping ourselves, family and friends safe and healthy. All the official health authorities in our country are providing us with detailed recommendations on how best to limit the spread of this virus. The Toronto Triumph Club board discussed this at length last week via video call and while we don’t have anything startling to say we wanted to bring you up to date with what’s happening in our LBC community. 

Firstly all future Club Meetings are cancelled until further notice.   Most other LBC events are cancelled for 2020 too including British Car Day, but we'll be back on 19th September 2021.  Stay tuned for updates on our BCD web site.


The Toronto Triumph Club is a dedicated community united by a common interest in the Triumph automobile marque. The club was formed in October 1982 with the principal goal to "Preserve and Drive the Triumph." Most models are represented and the club also publishes an award-winning full-colour quarterly magazine called "RAGTOP." Our well known "British Car Day®" is the largest one-day British car show in North America and is owned and organized by the TTC, along with volunteers from several other British car clubs across Ontario and beyond. In 2020 British Car Day is celebrating its 37th anniversary.

The club is one of the largest British car clubs in Canada. Our strength lies within our membership which is open to anyone interested in the Triumph marque and currently numbers about 300. You don't need to own a Triumph to join; in fact we encourage people to join before they buy a vehicle, to seek advice from our experts, which could save time and money. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact our Membership Director using the link in the right hand column.

This website is open to everyone interested in Triumphs and is maintained by the cooperative efforts of our Web Manager and several TTC members. There's also a "member's only" area containing a wealth of technical and historical information and downloadable back issues of RAGTOP, which becomes accessible if you join. Our free Classified advertising pages are used by Triumph enthusiasts around the world to buy and sell Triumph cars and parts.

The Toronto Triumph Club Forums are open to members and non-members (please register separately - it's free) and provides an interactive meeting place for the exchange of technical and other Triumph related topics.



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If you enjoy visiting this web site, own a Triumph, or are interested in Triumph, we would love to have you as a Toronto Triumph Club member.

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Questions regarding your Triumph can be directed to our Marque Coordinators.

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