1-1 Hazard Awareness. Loss of Steering Left Hand Engine Mount


The left hand engine mount on the above models can fail and cause steering lock-up resulting in loss of vehicle control. When cornering hard under power the engine mount can separate and the engine lifts (torque reaction) jamming the front engine plate and mounting foot against the lower steering column flex joint. This condition will not permit movement of the steering column while power is on. Release of the gas pedal causes an immediate release, however the driver will be applying force to overcome
this condition and the sudden release will prompt “over-control” and loss of vehicle stability.
It is important that the left hand mount be replaced during engine removal/rebuilding as a precaution. Periodic inspection is strongly recommended and any sign of rust or movement between the mount rubber and metal base will require engine mount replace-
Use of the above models in competition work requires an engine torque bar / steady to be installed between the body and engine to prevent this condition.