1-3 Difficult Closing Of Doors All Models 1960 On

Door Restraint/ Locating Mechanism

Maintenance Recommendations

TR4/4A/250/TR6/TR7 /TR8/Spitfire

Triumph uses a door locating mechanism that is designed to prevent the door latch from separating under body twist or flex thus allowing the door to open while the vehicle is in motion. (These components can be seen on the door jamb and rear post when the door is open).
Two (2) designs predominate, that of a flat bar that locates into a flat spring loaded wedge shaped receptacle and that of a tapered pin that locates into a “split” tapered spring loaded receptacle. The “flat bar” design male component is located on the door jamb while the female is located on the door post, (This design was introduced with the TR4 model). The round pin design is reversed with the female section being on the door jamb while the male is located on the body.
Both restraint designs suffer from seizure of the anti-rattle spring-loaded devices located in the female receptacle. This results in difficult and hard-to-close doors. This item is one of the most neglected on a Triumph. (out of sight, out of mind). The spring loaded anti-rattle wedges must move freely, frequent lubrication and cleaning is important for smooth and easy door closing. Using a screwdriver to force the wedges inwards against the spring and releasing should result in an immediate return. If not, a generous application of WD 40 followed by oil is required. Lubricate this item, at least, quarterly.