2-4 Illuminated Plastic Knob Repair

Hazard Flasher Pull-Type Switch
Triumph TR6/ Spitfire

BritCar ServiceTriumph vehicles fitted with the Lucas “pull-type” hazard flasher switch can suffer stressfracture (cracking) of the illuminated red plasticknob resulting in inoperable safety feature. (The knob pulls off!). This fracturing is a result of both enbrittlement and tightness of the switch. If merely cracked, a satisfactory repair can be
made by applying a 1/2″ section of 1/2″ heat shrink tubing directly over the threaded section with a heat shrink gun. To prevent deforming of the knob while heat shrinking, screw in a 3/
8″ NF bolt to support the shank area. Do not apply too much heat, only enough to effect a good looking and tight repair. As these knobs are no longer available, this repair can be done
to strengthen a knob that is still intact.