3-2 Eye-Bolt Seizure In Chassis Tube

Rear Leaf Springs

Triumph TR2, 3, 3A, 3B & 4

BritCar ServiceWhen undertaking a “body off” restoration on the above models, , it is prudent to ensure that the rear spring” eye-bolt” that goes through the chassis tube is both completely free and generously coated with an anti-seize compound.

The head of the “eye-bolt” has in internal drilling that is threaded for insertion of a bolt withdrawal tool. However, severe seizure conditions require Oxy-Acetylene equipment to assist removal.

Seizure of this “eye-bolt” in the chassis and/ or spring eye will not allow replacement of the rear leaf spring on TR2, 3, 3A or 3B due to insufficient room between the threaded section of the bolt and the underbody sill/rocker panel for the spring to clear. (On TR4 models there is just enough room to clear the bolt and replacement can be effected. However, replacement is much easier if the “eye-bolt” is free in the chassis).