5-3 Gear Shift Lever Rattle

Anti-Rattle Device
Triumph TR2/3/3A/4/4A/250/6

BritCar ServiceAll of the above models were equipped with a gear shift lever” anti-rattle” device comprised of a small spring-loaded plunger/button in the base of the lever. this device exerts pressure on the selector gate where the lever engages the selector rods.

Many of the above model vehicles can be found with this device missing. When removing the gear shift lever, pay particular attention to this device and remove parts or tape up to prevent loss.

When re-installing lever. use a heavy grease to retain the spring and plunger/button in place while inserting the lever into the selector gate/housing. When installed correctly, a slight “spring” action can be felt when applying a light upwards pressure on the gear shift lever. It is important that the button be in position over the spring as “Jamming can occur due to the sharp edge of the spring catching in the gate lips/edges.