6-2 Engine Oil Leak(s)

LH Side of Engine
TR2/3/4/4A Models

BritCar ServiceMinor oilleak(s) from the oil filter area of the above model can be the result of:

A) The domed (sealed) nut securing the oil pressure line “Banjo” fitting can leak where the dome is crimped to the nut. Also, installation of a regular hexagon nut in place of the correct factory part will allow engine oil under pressure to work along the threads and cause a significant leak.

B) At the base of the engine oil dipstick is a small “felt” seal that prevents oil thrown up from the crankshaft leaking, from escaping and causing a leak. This seal will become compressed and hardened with time and not provide a good seal. It is also important that the dipstick be a firm fit in the crankcase drilling as looseness will encourage poor sealing as well seal wear. (Dipstick fit can be tightened by holding and separating the two halves slightly with a screwdriver. However, make sure that the short end of the dipstick half is firm Iy secured in a vise when doing this).

C) To provide a positive filter cartridge seal, make sure that the cartridge sealing “O” ring is replaced with each filter element change. Also, ensure that only one “O” ring is used. (Many filters have been found installed with two “O” rings, this can encourage leaking on cold start -up).

Note: Items B & C will also apply to TR6/Spitfire/GT6 models.