7-1 Wiper Operating Cable Damage

Wiper Wheel-Box Nut Seizure
All Models

BritCar ServiceExtreme care should be exercised when removing the large wiper wheel-box nut securing the wheel-box to the scuttle mounting. If the wheel-box nut has not been removed for many years, it will be seized to the alloy wheel-box hub. Placing a large wrench on the nut and using force will inevitably rotate the assembly, bending the light gauge aluminum tubes through which the operating cable runs. It is, therefor, extremely important that the wheel-box assembly not be rotated whatsoever. If seizure prevents easy removal of the nut, cutting the nut hexagon and gently splitting the nut open or cutting open with a small die grinder (Dremmel), will be necessary.

Any damage to the wheel-box locating/alignment tubes will result in a jammed/inoperable system and/or cause continual burning out of the drive motor due to overload. Replacement of the locating/alignment tube(s) is difficult due limited access. When re-assembling, use a new wheel-box fitting kit which will include a new nut and hard rubber escutcheon/bezel. An application of anti-seize compound on the hub threads will also help future removal.