7-4 Premature Coolant Pump Failure

Coolant Pump Drainage Hole
All Models

BritCar ServiceWhen replacing the engine coolant re-circulating
pump, it is important that the sealing gland hole, be
at the bottom when the pump is installed. This is to
permit coolant weepage/condensate to drain out.

On most Triumph models, the mounting studs/bolts are equally spaced so that the pump can be installed in any position. When incorrectly installed, the pump bearing cavity can be saturated with coolant which quickly destroys the bearings resulting in premature pump failure. Mounting studs must always be installed in drillings that connect to water passages (using thread sealer) in the head/block, while bolts may be installed in blind drillings. When refitting, good installation practice encourages the use of anti-seize compound on all pump mounting bolts and studs.