8-1 Engine Noise. Right Front Area

Generator Front Bearing/End Plate Fracture


BritCar ServiceA low-pitched rumble or rattle from the right front of the engine on the above models can be traced to the front of the generator not being secured due to a broken front generator bearing plate. The noise is generally more pronounced on cold start-up. As the area of the fracture is below the generator pulley, it is difficult to see, a small mirror or elevation of the vehicle may be required to confirm this diagnosis. When installing a generator on the above models, it is extremely important to ensure that there exists only a
few thou, clearance between the mounting bracket lugs and the front/rear bearing plates. Excessive clearance imposes strain on the front bearing plate with the result that the generator front plate will eventually fatigue and fracture immediately above front lower the mounting bolt. A good installation practice is to lightly tighten the front mount bolt and check for any clearance between the rear generator bearing plate and the mounting bracket. A thin washer can be used to remove any clearance before final tightening.