9-2 Full Throttle Jamming

Throttle linkage, Dual Stromberg Carb

TR6 Model

BritCar ServiceWhen any disassembly of the throttle linkage is undertaken, it- is extremely important to ensure that the throttle linkage is correctly assembled to avoid a full throttle jamming condition. This extremely serious and dangerous condition can arise from two (2) conditions adjacent to the rear carb.

(A)The long throttle rod that connects between the cross shaft arm and the forward bell crank has a long compression type return spring and a flat washer that slides over the throttle rod. When assembled through the rear carb bracket slide, it is very important that the washer be positioned between the spring and the guide slot. Failure of this washer to be properly placed can lead to the spring coils slipping between the throttle rod and the slide bracket under maximum throttle conditions resulting in a jammed throttle. (B) The rear Carb choke fast idle/adjustment screw arm, (located on the throttle shaft at the rear side of the carb), can ride over the throttle rod that connects the cross shaft to the bell crank, resulting in a full throttle jamming condition. When any carb removal or replacement is undertaken it is recommended that with the engine stopped, the throttles be fully opened to check for clearance between the arm and the throttle rod. If necessary, bending the throttle rod down to clear the choke fast idle adjustment screw arm. A minimum clearance of 3/16″ (5mm) should exist between the two components. when moving through to a full throttle position.