9-4 Clutch Pedal Jerkiness/Release Bearing Squeak

Transmission Bell Housing Alignment

TR6 Model

BritCar ServiceWhen replacing the transmission, it is extremely important to maintain precise alignment of the transmission and engine. Misalignment can result in poor clutch performance whereby the pedal will be very jerky with the engine running, and a release
bearing squeak may be evident when the clutch pedal is depressed.

(A) It is recommended that the transmission input
shaft pilot bushing be examined for wear and/or replaced during routine clutch work.

(B) There are two (2) alignment/locating bolts in the bell housing/rear engine plate that are critical to aligning the transmission with the engine. These bolts are 3/8″ in diameter and have an unthreaded section for tight fit alignment when inserted. These bolt positions can be identified as being one hole above the top starter mounting bolt and one hole above the slave cylinder bracket upper mounting bolt. These short 3/8 bolts will not fit in any other position. All other bell housing bolts are 5/16″ with the exception of the starter bolts which are longer 3/8 bolts and do not contribute to the accurate alignment of these two components. To meet the manufacturers tensile bolt loading specifications, fine thread bolts should be used in all bell housing positions.