AGM Outcomes – November 2022

We had a very successful virtual Toronto Triumph Club AGM on Tuesday when we reviewed our 2022 activities, discussed items underway for the coming year and approved Board and Co-ordinator positions for 2023.  

In summary, our finances are healthy, our membership continues to grow steadily and is now at 353 club members, communication via Ragtop, social media and messaging is top notch, our new Website and Membership database are exemplary and we have a dedicated team of board members and coordinators in place for 2023.  We are still looking for club members to take on the following positions:

If you would like to find out more and/or apply for one of these positions, please contact me.  Thanks.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Keith Stewart for his huge contribution as Web Manager over the past number of years.   He worked long and hard to bring us our current web site.  Thanks Keith.   In addition, Alex MacLeod is stepping aside from his role as Secretary and Bill Heaton from the Spitfire Co-ordinator position.  Thank you both for your support last year.

The following board members were approved unanimously for 2023:

  • Basil Bullock, Secretary – NEW – replacing Alex.
  • Clive Huizinga, Treasurer.
  • Wayne McGill, Director-at-Large.
  • Derek McAllister, Vice President.
  • Terence McKillen, Director of Communications.
  • Tim Moller, Director-at-Large.
  • Rob Ragsdale, Membership Director.
  • Dave Sims, President.

In addition, the following TTC Co-ordinator Positions were approved:

  • Web Team:
    • Web Manager: Tim Moller – NEW – replacing Keith.
  • Ragtop Team
    • Editor: Terence McKillen.
    • Assistant Editor: Alison Postma.
  • Meeting Co-ordinator: Derek McAllister NEW.
  • Volunteer Coordinator – Rob Ragsdale.
  • British Car Day Chairman: Dave Sims.
  • Ambassador-at-Large: Wayne McGill.
  • Club Historian/Archivist: Wayne McGill.
  • Interclub Coordinator: Tony Fox.

The approved Model Co-ordinators for 2022 are shown below:

  • TR2, 3, 3A – Keith Stewart, David Tushingham
  • TR4, 4A, 250 – John Lille, Keith Stewart.
  • TR250 – Ron Etty, David Tushingham.
  • TR6 – Wayne McGill, Derek McAllister.
  • Spitfire, GT6 – Warren Beech, Steve Bakker NEW replacing Bill.
  • TR7, 8 – Ron Etty, Brad Reynolds.
  • Stag – Tony Fox, Robin Searle.
  • Herald, Standard, Vanguard, Roadster – Kem Jones, Herald – Wayne McGill.

Event planning for 2022:

  • Club meetings will depend upon the continuing impacts of COVID-19 but I suspect they will be a mix of virtual meetings (which were very successful this year, especially during the winter months) and in-person get-togethers. 
  • It’s the MG Car Club of Toronto’s turn to organise Spring Fling and President Bert Berry tells me it will take place in the Midland area.
  • I am delighted to report that Clive & Jaquelynne Huizinga have volunteered to organise a round-the-lake drive.  The two top choices are Georgian Bay and Lake Ontario.
  • The 37th British Car Day is scheduled for 17th September.  To make it all possible we need about 40 volunteers on Saturday and 100 on Sunday and we will be capitalizing on the Membership Database again to assist us.
  • Our annual BBQ will hopefully go ahead in the summer; details will be announced when we know more.   John Kranyicks has volunteered to help with this but we need at least one more volunteer to step up.
  • Our usual Weekend Drives will be led by:
    • Central – Derek McAllister & Rob Ragsdale.
    • West – Terence McKillen and Dave Sims.
    • East – David Compton and Bev & Vic Whitmore.
    • Peterborough – Clive Huizinga & Alex McLeod.

In closing I would like to congratulate our new and returning Board members and Co-ordinators and I look forward to working with you in 2023 as we strive to make our club even better.  I would be remiss if I didn’t say a huge thank you to all our 2022 officers who have given so much to the club over many years.  Thank you all, it’s been a pleasure working with you and long may it continue!

Cheers; Dave
Dave Sims
President, Toronto Triumph Club.