All Triumphs – Winterize your Triumph

by Robert Cohen

This is a basic check list of what I do each fall to my TR-6.  For the past XX years, I have followed this guideline.


~ Check all carpets for moisture
~ Vacuum interior
~ Armor-All all vinyl interior parts
~ Lemon Oil wood dash
~ Chrome polish all interior chrome, leaving on until spring
~ Clean Interior windows
~ Retract seats to full upright position
~ Retract all seat belts
~ Transmission in first gear
~ Emergency brake in OFF position
~ Check & lube convertible top
~ Fasten & secure convertible top
~ Cover dash with white sheet


~ Inflate tires to maximum pressure
~ Sponge wash painted surfaces, dry with soft cloth
~ Wax paint / remove
~ Apply chrome polish, do not remove until spring.  If car is stored outside, use Vaseline
~ Remove wiper blades, place rubber pad under each wiper arm
~ Lubricate front windshield rubber
~ Armor-All all rubber seals, convertible top
~ Lubricate all locks & hinges with WD40
~ Clean all windows
~ Check engine antifreeze level & strength
~ Cover Car


~ Drive your Triumph for 1 hour,  This will ensure all fluids are heated to normal operating temperature.
~ Fill gas tank and add fuel conditioner.
~ Check tires and inflate to maximum
~ Shut off / block main fuel line
~ Squirt motor oil into carbs until engine stalls.
~ Remove spark plugs and add 2ozs of motor oil per cylinder
~ Turn engine over 5 revolutions, then reinstall spark plugs
~ Drain engine, transmission, differential fluid
~ Remove battery & trickle charge to full capacity
~ Loosen alternator and fan belt
~ Remove rocker cover, loosen each valve adjusting screw
~ Loosen complete rocker assembly – ensuring no valve spring pressure
~ Squirt engine oil on all valve springs, secure valve cover
~ Spray exhaust manifold & complete exhaust system with a combined solution of WD40 & motor oil (prevents rust).
~ Tape closed exhaust pipe


~ Silicone spray all rubber bushings
~ Oil spray chassis
~ Block all wheels

Suspending the car on jack stands has led to damage to the suspension, due to suspension being fully extended.