BritCar Tech Tips

Phil Allen driving his TR4-owned since new

These BritCar Tech Tips were written by former Head Mechanic of Team Triumph, Canada’s Standard Triumph Racing Programme, Phil Allen. They were initially published over many years and have been provided by Phil in their entirety with permission to the Toronto Triumph Club for publication on our Web site. (Note: these tips are substantial in number and will continue to be uploaded to the TTC site until they are complete. Please check regularly for new additions.)

9-2 Full Throttle Jamming

When any disassembly of the throttle linkage is undertaken, it- is extremely important to ensure that the throttle linkage is correctly ...

8-2 Cold Start-up Oil Leak

Insufficient tightening of the TR6 factory oil filter bolt and/or use of more than one (1) filter sealing neoprene "O" ring, can promote ...