Long Distance Award – DEADLINE 10TH JANUARY 2021

Long Distance Award – DEADLINE 10TH JANUARY 2021

Good afternoon everyone.  Clive Huizinga asked me to remind you that you need to submit details to the British Car Council of your travels for this year if you want to receive a Long Distance Award.  Because of COVID19 you only need to have travelled 1,000 miles (in normal years it’s 3,000 miles).   The deadline is 10th January 2021.  There are 2 ways to submit your mileage:

  1. Go to http://www.britishcarcouncil.ca/index.php/new-long-distance-form/ and complete the on-line form.
  2. Send an e-mail to Clive at clivehuizinga@yahoo.com  with the following information:
    1. Make, Model and year of car
    1. Driver(s) Name(s)
    1. Odometer reading 1 Jan 2020
    1. Odometer reading 31 Dec 2020
    1. Difference = total mileage in year.
    1. Your address where the award will be sent.

The awards will be sent to you by Clive once they have been produced by the British Car Council.

Cheers; Dave

Dave Sims

President, Toronto Triumph Club