Post-BCD Note to Participants

What a great day it was for British Car Day® on Sunday and I’m delighted to report that there were 1,062 cars and motorbikes on the field.   

Congratulations to those of you who won a Participants’ Choice Award; a complete listing of winners will be posted on our website over the next couple of days.

The Best of Show car, selected by a panel of judges headed by Toronto Triumph Club member Tony Fox, was a spectacular 1955 Sunbeam Alpine owned by Milt Chesterman of Tillsonburg, Ontario.  Congratulations to Milt and many thanks to our team of judges for selecting this British gem.   It was a herculean task for Keith Smout, John Burrows, John Roden and David Tushingham to select the winning car from the many fantastic cars on the field!   Special mention To Michael Cleland who piped the Sunbeam into the winner’s circle.

Winner of the Charlie Conquergood Award this year, which is presented to a club member who has exhibited long-term dedication to Toronto Triumph Club, was David Tushingham.  Tush, past President of Toronto Triumph Club and former Chairman of British Car Day is a superstar on YouTube and has his own channel which meticulously captures rebuilds of a TR6, TR250, TR3 and much more.   Check this out …   Congratulations on the award Tush and also for winning the top prize for your newly finished TR250.

For the third year we presented a Long Distance Award for pre-registered cars driven (not trailered) to British Car Day®.    The winner was Rod Patriquin who drove his 1959 Singer Gazelle some 1,397 miles from Dartmouth Nova Scotia.   Well done Rod!

A big thank you to our classic car owners, sponsors, vendors, volunteers and spectators who made our event possible.    We look forward to seeing you at next year’s event on Sunday 17th September 2023.  We officially start planning in February but before that we’ll discuss do-betters and done-wells from this year and put together a Post Mortem to document potential improvements. We strive to get better every year … maybe next year we can avoid rain for the entire day!

Cheers; Dave

Dave Sims, Chairman, British Car Day®