President’s Message – January, 2024

President’s Message – January, 2024

Welcome to 2024!

I hope that you, and all TTC members and their families, had a wonderful holiday season. It looks like winter decided to make an appearance with a little bit of snow for most of us. The colder temps and Christmas activities have kept me out of the garage, but I do have a seized trunnion to rebuild before my TR6 is off of the jack stands. Stay tuned for a trunnion update next month!

Our first event of 2024 will be a lunch/meeting at Paps Kitchen and Bar in Vaughan on Saturday, January 20th – watch for the event invitation in a week and a bit. We’re also working on holding some type of event in February – stay tuned for more information on that as well.

As a reminder, we are looking for volunteers for the following positions for 2024:

  • Vice President 
  • Meeting Coordinator 
  • Ragtop Contributing Editor
  • Ragtop Advertising Manager
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Round-the-lake trip / Canadian Classic organiser(s)

If you have any interest in any of these positions please contact me at any time. 


Derek McAllister

President, Toronto Triumph Club

Here’s a picture of my poor trunnion!