President’s Message – July 2020

President’s Message for July

Bob & Gail Betts, Randy & Tracy Irving and two Sixes on Rattlesnake Hillclimb
Happy Canada Day! I do hope that you and your families are coping well during the COVID19 crisis.
As you know most car shows and drives have been cancelled for the foreseeable future (just look at our Events Calendar which is a wasteland of non- events). However, if you want to go for a drive with the people in your “social bubble” go for it! I exchanged e-mails with Owen DeReus (of Spitfire Squadron fame) the other day. I was delighted to hear that he has already driven 1,500 miles in his Spitfire this year and is aiming to go at least another 1,500 miles in order to be eligible for the British Car Cub’s long distance award. He was looking for a route that took in Rattlesnake Hill Climb which I shared with him. Please contact me for the route.

Wayne McGill has been leading the charge on setting up a new regalia provider – here’s the link which will take you to Kim Chevalier’s KDC site to check out what’s available;
And if you don’t see what you want just drop Kim a line.  Here’s some background from Wayne.  
I have known Kim Chevalier since the last millennium, so she must have started her business as a very young girl. My first recollection of purchasing from Kim occurred at an event in Pennsylvania. I said she was a Canadian and I was Canadian, so the price must be in Canadian dollars. She laughed, but charged U.S. currency. For many years, Kim has been a staunch supporter of the British car clubs and the Toronto Triumph Club in particular. She has provided BCD volunteer shirts and hats in the past and always been a vendor at BCD, often supplying special merchandise for events. She has recently become the prime regalia supplier for the TTC and is offering custom clothing and novelties in quantities beginning at one! If you need your car immortalized on your morning coffee mug, Kim will accept your digital photograph and have it applied to a mug, so you can wake up with your beauty every morning (see below pics.)

In June Tush did a terrific job on his virtual presentation entitled TR Restoration Steps – Bare Metal to Buff. Thanks to the wonders of technology clicking onto this URL will take you to a recording of our meeting: . The video is a little over an hour long and there are some questions at the end. There are a few moments where the signal is spotty as Tush ventured into the darkest parts of his garage, but for a first try the virtual meeting went well. Enjoy! A huge thank you to Dave Tushingham for sharing his expertise with us. Feedback from club members was very positive and overwhelmingly indicated that they would join future virtual meetings. The challenge is to follow Tush’s presentation with something equally engaging and informative!
Hopefully, as restrictions are eased, we’ll be able to get together for some drives in our Triumphs before the end of the driving season. In the meantime look after yourselves, your family….and your cars! Please don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you have any questions or concerns.

Dave Sims
President, Toronto Triumph Club