President’s Message – November 2021

President’s Message – November 2021

Hi everyone and here we are in November … how did that happen?    

The fall edition of Ragtop has been printed and will be distributed next week.  It focuses on the TR6 hence the cover photo taken on a club drive depicting Mark and Wanda Punga – together with their favourite Triumph – climbing the Rattlesnake Point Hill Climb.  As always beneath the front page are lots of excellent stories and articles to entertain you.  Enjoy!

The October weather was unseasonably warm which made for some fun events.  At the beginning of October Derek McAllister led a 90 minute drive from Vaughan to Maple taking the group through Kleinburg, Bolton and Kettleby on nice backroads.  Taking part were 11 Triumphs including six TR6s, two Stags, a TR3, a TR7 and a TR250 as well as a Mustang and an honorary Spitfire in two-wheeled form.  There were a couple of small problems (Derek’s loose radiator hose and Lionel’s leaking oil filter) but they were soon dealt with. 

For Thanksgiving our west end drive started in Milton and ended in Waterdown traversing some terrific country roads which kept the drivers on their (heel and) toes.   There were 14 Triumphs in attendance including 7 TR6s, 2 Stags, 1 TR7, 1 TR4A, 1 TR3A and 1 TR250 … or if you prefer 4 reds, 4 greens, 3 blues, and 1 each of yellow, white and brown.  It was great to see some new faces as well.

The Rockton British Car Show, Sale and Flea Market was held at Rockton Fairgrounds on the 17th and while my drive started out wet in Burlington, by the time I met up with Clive and Ron for an early morning coffee, the rain had stopped and it turned out to be a very pleasant fall day.  Derek and Rob joined us too and it was great to see many, many Toronto Triumph Club members at our table as well as a very good selection of LBCs in the parking lot.

For the 22nd October fall Central drive – organized by Derek – there was a good turnout with two TR6s, a TR4, two Stags, a TVR and a couple of Ford interlopers – a 1968 Mustang and an early 2000 T-Bird.   Some of the participants braved the cold (and occasional misty rain) and drove top-down and there were some nice fall colours here and there while navigating an occasionally twisty route.  A very nice end to the drive was the heated patio at Caledon Hills Brewery where participants enjoyed a meal and a chat.

For November I’m planning a drive for Saturday 6th November starting in N.E. Burlington and ending in Campbellville.  I’ll send an invite shortly … but the date may change depending upon the weather.

Finally we have our Annual General Meeting scheduled for Tuesday 16th November at 7 P.M. via Zoom.  I will send the all details and an invitation in the next day or two.   As is customary ALL TTC positions are available and club members may volunteer for any of them.  I have heard from many of the current Executive Members and Coordinators most of whom are willing to return if there is no one interested in taking on the role.   If you wish to run for a position where there is more than one interested party, a vote will be cast to decide the winner.   Please stay tuned for more information.

Stay safe, keep healthy and if any of you need assistance just pick up the phone or send me an e-mail.

Dave Sims, President, Toronto Triumph Club