President’s Message – September 2023

Welcome to September … and just 2 short weeks to British Car Day®.   The BCD organizing team has been flat out and now it’s down to looking after the final details before the big day.  Rob is still looking for a few more volunteers to fill some vacant spots, so if you haven’t already, please drop him a line at   To whet your appetite, here’s the front page of the BCD magazine which features an MG and Triumph from 100 years ago.  Terence and his team have done a bang-up job editing the souvenir programme and I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading it when you collect it at British Car Day®.

If you haven’t already pre-registered your car to come to BCD now’s a good time to do so as FAST LANE will be closing at midnight on 9th September.

It seems like a long time ago now but for the August long weekend Terence took us on a great drive to explore some of the excellent country roads north of Campbellville.  There were 21 cars including 10 TR6s, 3 Stags, 2 TR4As, 2 TR250s and 1 each of a Spitfire, TR3A, TR8 and an MGB.  Lots of fun!

A number of events were held in August for the “Central” members of the club too and this report comes from Derek McAllister.

We attempted to start with a Long Weekend drive on Monday the 7th, which was unfortunately cancelled due to inclement weather. Our next attempt was on August 9th for the Gathering of the Classics show at the Edenvale Aerodrome. The date was moved to the 10th by the organisers due to rain, but the weather held on the 10th and the show went off without a hitch. 12 TTC cars made the drive together from Woodbridge, and another 6 or so TTC members attended the event. Similar to the club BBQ, many members ran into rain on their way home, including yours truly; I kept up the pace and was able to make it home dry without putting up the hood! 

The following weekend a contingent of members took a drive up to KM British Cars outside of Orangeville for their parts open house. 10 members and their car made the drive, and most came along for the after-party (lunch) at the Caledon Hills Brewery for lunch al fresco.

I also wanted to take a moment to mention the 100 Years of Triumph Anniversary Badges. These came to our attention via an unsolicited email from a producer in the US back in early July. Our first batch of 50 badges sold out in two days, so we ordered another 30, which promptly sold out in a day and a half. We just received the last 17 badges that the vendor produced, and as of this writing, there are only 4 left. All purchased but undelivered badges will be available at BCD – see Derek McAllister in our BCD Merchandise tent (to be located near the Lions Club BBQ tent).  Here’s a pic of the grille badge proudly displayed on Dave’s TR250.

In September we have a couple of drives for you to attend for which you have already received invitations:

West-end September Long Weekend Drive – 9:30 a.m. Saturday 2nd September

The Trail Eatery in Campbellville will be the starting point for a McKillen-inspired Magical Late Summer Drive but where it will end is a mystery!  We already have 20 cars signed-up and right now the weather looks good.  For (very) last minute registrations contact

Central Tag-Along Drive with HBCC – 10:00 a.m. Saturday 9th September

Starting at the Hockley Valley General Store in Mono, Jean-Louis Valade, President of the HBCC, is planning a drive to Beeton for lunch, and TTC members who may be interested are invited to participate.  For more details contact

Then it’s time for British Car Day on 17th September when I hope to see many of you coming out to enjoy the show.  Fingers crossed for superb weather!

Cheers; Dave
Dave Sims
President, Toronto Triumph