Toronto Triumph Club AGM – 17th November 2020

Toronto Triumph Club AGM – 17th November 2020

It’s that time of year again when we turn our thoughts to the Toronto Triumph Club Annual General Meeting which is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday 17th November via Zoom. I do hope that you will join us for our first virtual AGM. Here are the meeting details:
• Date & Time: Nov 17, 2020 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
• Each participant will be kept in the “waiting room” until they are authorised to join the meeting. Please be patient.
• All audience members will be muted to cut down on background noise.
• If you have a question, use the Chat function (I’ll explain this more at the beginning of our meeting).
• To sign into the meeting, you don’t need to download any apps, just click on the below URL and enter the password. PLEASE start to log on by around 6:45 p.m. which will give us a chance to get everyone out of the waiting room and address any issues.
• Click on this URL;
• Meeting ID: 837 1925 5028. Passcode: 162827
• 7:00 p.m. Welcome / approve last year’s minutes.
• 7:05 p.m. A (brief) year in review, Dave Sims.
• 7:15 p.m. Membership update, Rob Ragsdale.
• 7:20 p.m. Ragtop / BCD Programme Update, Terence McKillen.
• 7:25 p.m. Social Media Update, Derek McAllister.
• 7:30 p.m. Financial Report, Clive Huizinga.
• 7:35 p.m. Update on NEW web site launch date, Keith Stewart.
• 7:45 p.m. Update on Regalia with SPECIAL SALE OFFER, Wayne McGill.
• 7:50 p.m. Voting for 2021 TTC Officers.
• 8:10 p.m. Other Business / Questions.
• 8:15 p.m. Meeting adjourned.

We’ve changed the date, time and location (from in-person at Brampton Air Park to Virtual) as COVID-19 has yet again thrown a spanner in the works! You will see from the below information that we critically need to attract some of you to fill positions in our organization. But in summary, the key positions to be filled are:

• Terence McKillen is ready to hand over the reins of Secretary with a view to add some new perspective into TTC’s board. The role of Secretary is a great way to discover more about running our club, details of which are shown below. Why not put your name forward? I would like to take this opportunity to thank Terence for his contribution as Secretary over the past 5 years but I’m delighted to say Terence will continue his vital role as Editor of Ragtop in 2021 and will continue to serve on the board as Director of Communications.
• We also need a Meeting Coordinator, a position that has been vacant for 4 years. If you prefer, you can take this on with a pal to spread the load … or even arrange just one meeting / drive in your neighbourhood; everything helps!
Advertising Manager – reporting to the Ragtop Editor this position involves attracting advertisers for Ragtop and the British Car Day magazine.
• We hope to be announcing the launch date of our new website at the AGM and to help Keith Stewart with the ongoing maintenance we are looking to fill the roles of Assistant Webmaster (new) and Classified Coordinator (to replace Keith Stewart). Details are shown below.
Triumph Spitfire / GT6 Model Coordinator – we have a vacancy on this position (see below description) so if you would like to help out please drop me a line.
Assistant Editor – Sean Doherty is stepping down from this role and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sean for his contribution. Therefore we have a vacancy at this position which involves seeking out contributions from members and/or sourcing or creating original content for publication in Ragtop as well as editing regular features.

WE NEED YOUR HELP IF OUR CLUB IS GOING TO CONTINUE TO THRIVE so please, please, take a look and see where you can help out. We encourage you to volunteer for any of the positions listed. Please note that some of the current Executive Members and Co-ordinators have expressed an interest in continuing on with their duties for the next year as indicated below and bracketed in (red). But they are more than happy to welcome new club members to take on their roles. We are always looking for new blood and ideas on the Board to keep us fresh and relevant. Positions indicated as VACANT will need to be filled. In some cases a TTC member has indicated willingness to fill a vacant position, in which case they are bracketed in (blue). If you wish to run for a position where there is more than one interested party, a vote will be cast at the AGM to decide the winner. Also any position marked TBC (to be contacted) means that I haven’t heard back from these individuals yet.

TTC Executive and Co-ordinator Position Descriptions
Here is a listing of the TTC Executive and Co-ordinator positions that we need to have filled for the coming year. You may volunteer for any of the positions listed.

TTC Board Members

President: (Dave Sims) Member of the Executive. The President is the visible voice of the Club who presides over all Executive meetings, Club meetings and the various official events the Club holds throughout the year. As a signing authority of the Club, he along with the Treasurer is responsible for the bank accounts. The President leads the Executive Council and sets the strategic direction of the Club, with the agreement of his fellow councillors. This is the most critical role within the Club and this position requires someone who is totally committed to the Club and measures success by the interest its members put in the Club and its activities. The President is responsible for ensuring annual returns and other government filings are made pertaining to the Club’s Not-For-Profit status.

Vice President: (Derek McAllister). Member of the Executive. The Vice President backs up the President when the President cannot attend events / executive meetings, etc.

Treasurer: (Clive Huizinga). Member of the Executive. The Treasurer is responsible for managing the financial aspects of the club, keeping the books, and issuing the annual financial reports. As the co-signatory to the Clubs bank accounts, he / she works with the President to oversee the bank accounts. The Treasurer enters all financial information pertaining to membership payments into the Club’s online computer database. The Treasurer represents the Club at the British Car Council, which holds its meetings once or twice per year. Computer and financial accounting skills are very important for this role.

Secretary (VACANT). Member of the Executive. The Secretary keeps the minutes of all meetings and maintains the Club’s Corporate Minute Book and records. Issuance of minutes via email to meeting members. Responsible to ensure that all notices of meetings and agenda items are communicated in a timely fashion.

Membership Director: (Rob Ragsdale). Member of the Executive. The Membership Director is responsible for setting up new members in the Membership Database, issuing them with new member packages, creating reports and interfacing with the membership to answer specific questions related to the benefits of being a member. Computer skills are also very important for this role. A new membership database will be introduced in 2021.

Director of Communications: (Terence McKillen). Member of the Executive. The Director of Communications is responsible to:
o Oversee the production of RAGTOP to ensure that messaging is consistent with overall marketing and communications objectives of the Club;
o Work closely with the Web Manager;
o Manage media relations with outside contacts and be the “voice of the Club” in conjunction with the President;
o Assist the Executive in marketing and promotional initiatives;
o Report to the Executive on communications activities at its meetings; and
o Carry out such other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the President.

Directors-at-Large: (Randy Irving, Wayne McGill, Keith Stewart) Members of the Executive. Directors at Large have such duties and responsibilities as may be assigned to them from time to time by the President or the Board of Directors. If you would like to find out real time what it’s like to be a member of our Board, we will temporarily increase the number of Directors at Large to give you a flavour of what it entails.

TTC Co-ordinator Positions


a. Editor: (Terence McKillen) The RAGTOP Editor is responsible to produce and publish the quarterly Club magazine and BCD programme. The Editor will set a production schedule and budget for the year to be signed off by the Executive.
b. Assistant Editors: (Alison Postma & Vacant) The RAGTOP Assistant Editors are responsible to help produce and publish the quarterly Club magazine seeking out contributions from members and/or sourcing or creating original content for publication in Ragtop as well as editing regular features. The RAGTOP Assistant Editors report directly to the Editor.

B. Web Team
a. Web Manager (Keith Stewart). The Web Manager is responsible to maintain the website, introduce a new web site to replace the current one and provide up-to-date and accurate information for the membership as well as supervise the use of The Forum. The Web Manager will work closely with the RAGTOP Editor and Membership Director to ensure that messaging is consistent across all media.
b. Assistant Web Manager (Vacant – NEW POSITION). The Assistant Web Manager is responsible to assist with maintaining the website and provide current and accurate information for the membership as well as supervise the use of The Forum. Familiarity with Web page editing software would be an asset but since support and assistance from the Webmaster is available, it is not a limiting factor. The current environment for Web site content is WordPress. The Assistant Web Manager will work closely with the Web Manager and RAGTOP Editor to ensure that messaging is consistent in both media.
c. Classified Coordinator (Vacant) The Classifieds Coordinator will work closely with the Webmaster to manage the Classifieds section of the Toronto Triumph Club’s Web site. Familiarity with Web page editing software would be an asset but since support and assistance from the Webmaster is available, it is not a limiting factor. The current environment for Web site content is WordPress. Additionally, support for other parts of the TTC Web site may be required to support the ongoing development of the Club’s Web site.

C. Advertising Manager (Vacant): Responsible for securing advertising for the RAGTOP Magazine and the TTC Website to help offset costs while at the same time provide a listing of services and suppliers for the Membership. The Advertising Manager will report to the Director of Communications and work closely with the Web Manager and RAGTOP Editor.

D. Model Co-ordinators: There are 8 Model categories that we provide special assistance to. The Model Co-ordinators primary role is to answer questions someone may have, specific to their model, monitor the TTC forums for marque specific questions and submit marque related articles for publication in RAGTOP for which the Editor will provide a schedule. I’ve contacted the 2020 Coordinators below to see if they will continue to support our club in 2021 … most have responded and those that have yet to reply are shown as TBC.

a. TR2, 3, 3A – Keith Stewart, David Tushingham.
b. TR4, 4A, 250 – John Lille, Keith Stewart.
c. TR250 – Ron Etty, David Tushingham.
d. TR6 – Wayne McGill, Johan Aaltink (TBC).
e. Spitfire, GT6 – Warren Beech, Coordinator (VACANT).
f. TR7, 8 – Ron Etty, Brad Reynolds.
g. Stag – Tony Fox, Robin Searle.
h. Herald, Standard, Vanguard, Roadster – Kem Jones.

E. Interclub Coordinator (Tony Fox) There are a number of British Car Clubs throughout the GTA as well as Ontario and the Northern United States. The Interclub Coordinator is responsible to interface with those clubs as necessary to promote the TTC and BCD.

    A. Events
    a) Meeting Coordinator(s) (VACANT). This position has been vacant for 3 years and needs to be filled by one or more members. The Meeting Coordinator(s) is responsible to organize the monthly Club meetings, with input from the Executive and membership. The Meeting Coordinator sets and books the venue, organizes the topic or theme of the meeting, promotes the event through the web site and bulk Emails to the membership. Basic computer skills are needed for this role.
    b) British Car Day Chairman: (Dave Sims). The biggest one-day British car show in North American is led by a key individual (or individuals in the case of Co-Chairpersons). The BCD Chairperson is responsible to oversee the event and ensure all aspects of it are properly organized. The year usually starts off by the organization of a committee that will assist in the organization of the event.
    c) Event Co-ordinators
    • Spring Fling (MGCCT is organising the 2021 event).
    • Canadian Classic (Andre & Dianne Fleury and Barry & Dianne O’Rourke).
    • Tail of the Dragon – this is a potential future drive expected to be 8 to 9 days duration with lots of driving each day. Tail of the Dragon is a scenic and exciting road running between Tennessee and North Carolina consisting of 318 curves in 11 miles. (Vic Whitmore).
    • ½ Day Drives throughout the year (See below). To follow on the successes of 2020 we are hoping to continue regional drives in 2021 as follows:
    a. WEST END – Terence McKillen and Dave Sims.
    b. CENTRAL – Derek McAllister and Rob Ragsdale.
    c. EAST – Clive Huizinga and Alex McLeod.

B. Volunteer Coordinator: (Ron Etty) The primary responsibility is to organize the volunteers for British Car Day. Each year approximately 100 volunteers are required for the Sunday of BCD and a further 30 to 40 for the set up on the Saturday. The Volunteer Coordinator should develop a contact list of volunteers that he can contact each year.

C. Regalia Liaison: (Wayne McGill). Responsibilities include sourcing a variety of affordable Club logoed regalia items to promote the Toronto Triumph Club. This position requires a close working relationship with the Executive who approve any use of the Club logo(s) on printed materials. Duties will also include liaison with Kim Chevalier of Kimprint – our new regalia provider

D. Ambassador-at-Large: (Wayne McGill). This role is one to promote the Club wherever he or she may travel, as it relates to the hobby.

E. PR/Sponsorships: (Dave Sims). Responsible for securing sponsorships for Major Events such as British Car Day to help offset the costs.

F. Club Historian/Archivist: (Wayne McGill) Generally a long serving member of the TTC who is familiar with Club History and events. The Club Historian/Archivist is responsible for record keeping and archiving past issues of the Club newsletter and magazines as well as other information pertaining to the history of the Club. Frank Manning will continue to be recognised as Honorary Club Historian.

Questions about a specific position? Interested in volunteering for a position?

If you have any questions about any of the positions listed above or would like to indicate that you would be interested in running for a specific position, please email or telephone me.
Cheers; Dave

Dave Sims
President, Toronto Triumph Club