President’s Message – December 2023

President’s Message – December 2023

2023 AGM Results/Minutes

This is my first communique as incoming President of the TTC. I’m thrilled to be embarking on this journey and look forward to trying to achieve Dave’s level of excellence in the role these past many years. I would like to thank Dave for all of his hard work during his term as President, and I look forward to continuing working with him as he retains the Chairman of BCD role!

The AGM was held on Wednesday evening; it was attended by 17 members. During the meeting we reviewed goings-on in 2023 and heard about finances, membership, BCD 2023, and a few other topics. You can view or download the presentation here:

A key portion of the meeting was dedicated to filling the various roles that are essential for us to have a well-functioning club as we move into 2024. I’ve inserted a few highlights of the election portion of the meeting below, FYI. 

The full slate of positions and volunteers can be found in the meeting minutes here:

Your board for the 2024 Fiscal Year:

  • President – newly elected, yours truly
  • Vice President – VACANT
  • Treasurer – continuing in the role, Clive Huizinga 
  • Secretary – newly elected, Dave Butters
  • Membership Director – continuing in the role, Rob Ragsdale
  • Director of Communications – continuing in the role, Terence McKillen
  • Director at Large – continuing in the role, Wayne McGill
  • Director at Large – newly elected, Tim Moller

Members who have newly taken on roles for the upcoming year:

  • Myself, Dave Butters, and Tim Moller – see above
  • Assistant Web Manager: Andrew Szasz
  • Model Coordinator for Herald, Roadsters, Standard, Vanguard: Dave Roeder
  • Meeting Coordinator: Alex McLeod 

Vacant roles – we need your help! 

  • Vice-President
  • Ragtop Contributing Editor
  • Ragtop Advertising Manager
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Spring Fling Coordinator
  • Round-the-lake trip / Canadian Classic organiser(s)

To the many members who agreed to stay on in their current roles, I say thank you!

The British Car Council Inc (BCCI) Long Distance Award runs from Jan 1st to Dec 31st. To be awarded this you need to do 3000 miles or 5000 Km in the year in your British car. If you meet this threshold, please forward the following details to Clive Huizinga at

  • Your name.
  • Car make model and year.
  • Starting odometer reading 1 Jan 2023.
  • Final odometer reading 31 Dec 2023 or before if you put the car away for winter.
  • Distance travelled 2023.

Please submit as soon as possible as Clive will be submitting all TTC entries on January 1st.

Stay tuned for my next communique after the holidays – we’ll have a start to our list of activities in 2024 ready to share.


Derek McAllister

President, Toronto Triumph Club